Why therapy?

Many things are hard to deal with and cause deep and longstanding damage to yourself and to your relationships:

• Sadness and depression
• Stress and anxiety
• Anger
• Loss and bereavement
• Identity issues
• Addictive behaviour
• Eating disorders
• Low self esteem or a sense of under-achievement
• The effects of abuse
• Difficulties about sex

A therapist will work with you to understand both the roots of your distress and also how you might look at things differently. As an example, you and your therapist might identify recurring patterns in your life. You might begin to explore new approaches to the things that are most difficult for you and discover fresh ways of relating to the people you are close to.

Therapy is a long process which often feels hard and frustrating before you feel that you are making headway. Equally, it provides the space and time needed to understand yourself and to achieve what is most important to you.