Initial consultation and ongoing therapy

Georgina Rhodes and Peter Roberts qualified as psychodynamic counsellors in 2003 and went on to complete further trainings as psychoanalytic psychotherapists and as couple therapists.

Contact Georgina Rhodes or Peter Roberts for a one-to-one consultation which takes place over two 50 minute sessions and costs £80 in total. This will allow you to talk about why you are considering therapy, what you hope to gain and to decide whether counselling or psychotherapy might be useful for you.

Counselling usually involves once a week sessions to think about emotional and other difficulties. It often concentrates on the present and problems in everyday life. Psychotherapy involves a greater number of sessions a week with an increased focus on unconscious processes and linking past and present experiences. The priority is to recognise what you personally will need in order to get the most out of the process.

Having met for the initial consultation, if you and your therapist decide to work together then the two of you will agree a verbal contract. This contract is reviewed annually and includes the fee and the days and times of ongoing sessions. The fee for ongoing work depends on individual circumstances and the number of sessions per week. Generally it is in the region of £45 to £85 per session for individuals and £85 to £120 for couples. As times are held for you, you will be asked to pay for missed or cancelled sessions.